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The area known as the yesteryear meeting place and intersection of communication routes situated near the natural landmark, the Baredine Cave, showcases the ethno story dedicated to agriculture. The display of objects, machines and numerous preserved photographs and documents narrates the history of the area and its people.

First and foremost, the exhibition presents the evolution of the threshing process, immediately before and after the mechanisation of farming. The story begins on the threshing floor, one of the earliest forms of threshing, continuing with the presentation of simple to more complex threshing machines, combine harvesters and tractors that substantially facilitated the tiresome working process.

A collection of about 50 tractors and farm machinery have been displayed in their original state, just the way they were last time used for fieldwork, without any additional modifications. Each tractor, starting from a 1923 Fordson, which was the first model to arrive in the nearby village, brings one of the many stories linked to this area.

In their honour this exhibition is named Traktor story.

Konobon Gallery

The exclusive space of Konobon Gallery, craftily designed and built with white Istrian stone, tells the story about the Mediterranean trilogy – bread, olive oil and wine, in this area present since antiquity, throughout medieval period and up to the present day. The central part of the Gallery is enhanced with artistic and thematic exhibitions.

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