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Poreč, Istria, Croatia


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  • Prior announcement for individual visits during working hours is not required. The guided tours start about every 30 minutes or less.
  • Exceptions are visits during the winter period (from November 1st to March 31st), when even individual visits need to be announced at least one day in advance.
  • Group visits (20 people or more) need to be announced at least one day prior to the planned visit, and tours can be arranged even outside od working hours.
  • Baredine cave is open daily, according to the opening times. The same applies to weekends and holidays, except on November 1 and December 25.
  • Baredine cave is open at times of bad weather conditions as well.
  • During summer season (from the end of June to the beginning of September) there might be a larger number of visitors at times of bad weather, therefore the waiting times for the cave entrance could be longer than usual.
  • As you buy your ticket you get your group number and the approximate time of your entry. You can use the waiting time on our other offer or your personal activities. It is enough to come to cave entrance just a few minutes earlier than the given time on your ticket.
  • No, it can’t. In Croatia, tourist visits to caves are legally permitted only when accompanied by a tour guide.
  • Cash in Croatian Kuna / Maestro / MasterCard / Visa
  • The guided sightseeing tour lasts approximately 40 minutes. You are led down the 300 metre long path during which you visit 5 rooms and descend to the underground lake at a depth of 60 metres.
  • It is allowed to take photos and record inside the cave but only without the use of a flash or any other additional lighting.
  • Both photographing and recording are permitted for personal use only, with no rights to publish the content. Any kind of promotional and official photo shoot and filming need to be announced in advance, and its schedule has to be arranged.
  • It is not recommended for people with heart or lung diseases to visit the cave. The access to the cave is not possible for people with severe disabilities or in wheelchairs.
  • Visitors keen to do the cave tour but suffering from certain health problems usually descend the cave accompanied by a guide. Their ascent is usually at a slower pace and with occasional stops every few minutes if necessary. You have to bear in mind that the steps inside the cave are of an irregular shape and height.
  • The cave is well-lit and equipped, the paths and stairways have firm railing, so even smaller children accompanied by their parents/companion can enter the cave. It is not possible to enter the cave with baby stroller, so it is recommended to use specially designed baby carriers.
  • Due to a temperature of about 14 degrees and the total of 270 steps, we suggest you bring along suitable clothes and shoes.
  • Smaller dogs are allowed in the cave under the condition that the owner place and carries them in a special carrier/ bag and holds them all the time during the tour. Bigger dogs are not allowed inside the cave.



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