Groups and Schools - visit us

We suggest the agencies and trip organisers call in advance to arrange the exact time of the cave tour.

Furthermore, it is advised for group visits to plan their arrival at the location 30 minutes before of the tour time due to likely traffic jams and bad weather conditions that occur at high season. As part of organized group visits, we kindly advise those to gather in front of the cave reception 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tour time in order to avoid any possible late arrival inconveniences.

Also, please pick up your tickets at the cave reception at least 15 minutes before the arranged tour so we can ensure your time of entry.

Groups or travel organisers are entitled to a free entrance for their tour guide and driver. This free service is not transferable.

The exact timing of the arranged meal must be scheduled for all the packages containing lunch services.

Additional services and packages

We invite you to browse through our additional programs, catering services, school group educational workshops, or some of our affordable packages in our complete Price list.

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